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Mob Guns Portfolio - The Untouchables

Colt Detective 1st Model


Custom Combat Snub-Nose

This six-shot Detective .38 Special has undergone a full restoration with our new "antique" rust blue finish, all stone polished internal components for a silky smooth & reliable action, bobbed hammer and our custom made Combat grips

This piece was done as a production trial for our new line of Mob Guns, the Untouchables, which are custom Mob Guns offered at a reduced price due to reductions in production time.


Colt Detective 2nd Model


The Classy Silhouette Detective

An immaculate Colt Detective, likely unfired albeit in 98% condition was the beginning point of this Colt Silhouette project. Completely disassembled, each internal component receiving an action, full hand polish and cleaning then sealed in a special protective liquid polymer rendering contact surfaces virtually friction free which lessens the need for oiling and offers a level of steel and corrosion protection only recently available

Finishing off this Silhouette is a set of our custom dark wrap-around Presentation grips

In keeping with the clean "Silhouette" we added no embellishment and think it stands on it's own

Smith & Wesson Model 63-3 – Stainless Steel 22/32 Kit Gun


King of the Kit-Guns

This excellent little Kit-Gun came to us in unfired condition from the original purchaser. Built on the round butt J target frame with three screws it features all stainless steel construction, recessed charge holes, target hammer and trigger, adjustable sights and orange ramp front sighting system. There is a just visible turn-line, no handling marks or blemishes

Disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, we performed an action-tune and hand stoned the internal components making this great little .22 one smooth and reliable operator. We then replaced the original Magna grips with this beautiful set of reconditioned, original Smith & Wesson medallion Combat Target grips. They feel outstanding in the hand, add tons of style and about as rare a set of grips Smith ever produced, thus turning this great little sleeper into an ultra compact, deadly-accurate "tour-de-force"

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