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Mob Guns Portfolio - Revolvers

Smith & Wesson New Departure – Black Nickel

Two barrel combination finished in High Polish Black Nickel & Cabochon accents
2-1/8” Bicycle & 5” barrels
S&W hard rubber stocks - finely restored
.38 S&W

Target practice with this stunning retro piece in 5" and carry it effortlessly in a 2” - Rare, unique & exquisite

Smith & Wesson New Departure – Bright Nickel & Mother-of-Pearl

Brilliant Bright Nickel finish with Cabochon Blue accents
4” barrel
Pristine, exquisitely restored Mother-of-pearl
.38 S&W

The brilliant nickel luster is truly equaled by these fiery translucent pearls – Outstanding

Smith & Wesson New Departure – Satin Nickel Pinto with checkered walnut

Satin and Royal Blue Pinto with Fire-Blue accents
3 ¼ barrel
S&W walnut stocks
.38 S&W

Perfect combination of satin and luster finish offset by newly restored walnut panels - Great period styling

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