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What we do

MG' Designs

... in just a few words

Elegant, sophisticated, the embodiment of style,

these are the designs that withstood the test of time.

Not so long ago, everywhere you looked were wondrous things designed with great style and quality and these things were built to last lifetimes.
This was a time when magnificent firearms were being created the world over. From the beginning of the Greatest Century through the 2nd World War; these were THE Guns, and this is the art of Mob Guns.

Our restorations

What we offer our clientele is the finest custom firearms and the fine restoration services of these classics, from factory original restorations to the most highly stylized and unique in design. Should you desire a vintage period piece restored to original, we are the experts in that process, from locating and fabricating any component to lettering and the lost art of Olde World finishes.
On the other hand, should your tastes lean towards the personalized and contemporary, we enjoy providing unique custom design work and metal re-finishing in the re-creation of your one-of-a-kind classic piece, be it for display or everyday use.

Our custom grips

We pride ourselves in our outstanding work and this shines through just as brightly in our custom stock creations. We offer one-of-a-kind; handmade designs in exotic woods and elephant ivory as well as restoration of vintage originals, from re-checkering to full restoration of Ivory and Mother-of-pearl.

Our engraving services

Our master engraving services range from simple scroll initials personalizing your custom piece to a full-coverage, deep relief design, all performed by master engravers.
We will work right along side you on your design as a clients unique vision is most welcome and our seasoned artists are more than willing and able to bring any design to life.

Placing an order

If you wish to make a purchase or just have questions, please phone or write to us for personal assistance.
Mob Guns, in its entirety operates on the premise of “attention to detail” and the absolute that our customer comes 1st, and therefor we offer no "cookie-cutter" on-line sales.

We keep a varied inventory of completed pieces ready for your approval; so it is very likely that we have something that will align with your style. At times it may be possible to simply alter an existing piece from inventory, this we are happy to do, but should that not be the case then beginning from the beginning is always a wonderful experience and we make sure of that.
So if you have an idea, let us focus towards the details and bring your unique concept to life.


You have a great skill in revisualizing the very familiar and rehabilitating the classics into the classy. Thank you all for all that you do.
  • Tom Byrne, Chicago, IL


I just got my pistol and I am awe struck!!! I am at the office with a buddy of mine and we are loving it!!! He asked me who did the restoration and engraving and I told him MOB GUNS, another client coming! I am on my way out of town tomorrow for vacation and when I get back I will want to speak to you about a project. Thank you for the beautiful gun!!

  • Michael Mackay, Mackay Advertising Inc., Fort Worth, TX

Just received my package and they all look so beautiful! In fact, I'm not sure if I'll shoot them at all! And thanks for holster.....you guys are a class act.
  • Andre Baldanza, Cocoa Beach, FL

Just received the Espiritu --- and WOW what a work of art this gun is.

My assistant was here when I received it... and when she saw it for the first time she was in a state of blissful shock. But the beauty of your Espiritu with its amazing design is a piece of art. I wish I could carry it with me on trips just to show people and to expose the unique work you do... I don't care who you are, whether you like guns or not, this piece will make anyone a believer. I will do my best to promote you as that is the very least I could do as it is a beauty.

  • Alexander Cassini, Los Angeles, CA

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